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The Pregnancy Acne Dilemma


When I was pregnant I expected it to be a joyous nine months. Instead, just three months into my pregnancy, acne made its way into my life and gave me a battle I never expected. Being an already emotional person, the raging hormones did nothing to aid my comfort. I just knew that I was doomed to being a pie face for the rest of my being.

Then a friend of mine explained to me that I was not alone. The extra hormones flooding my body were probably responsible for the acne outbreak, she explained, and that there were things that would eliminate the spots and help me find the clear complexion I had my entire life. It made me feel better to know why this was happening- and that there was a stand I could take.

She recommended several products for me to try, including Clean & Clear and Clearasil. But, with sensitive skin and a bun in the oven I wondered if these products were safe for my skin or if they would potentially harm my baby. I’d rather deal with it than cause any triumphs to my little man.

While still contemplating whether or not to try these products I stumbled across an ad online one day. It made me stop and think as I read and reread the Proactive reviews that countless people had said worked for them. It was safe, according to the reviews, and many pregnant women had used it in the past.

I asked my doctor about the solution and he smiled with a cheerful glee in his eye. He explained to me how this was a product he, himself has used to treat acne and one that he knew to be highly-effective and safe for my baby. I was excited!

I purchased an introductory kit which contained a 30-day supply of the renewing cleanser, moisturizer and exfoliator. I was happy that I was also able to choose two freebies with my order to help ensure my acne was gone forever. It cost me only a little bit of money. Perhaps it was the best money I’ve ever spent! I saw amazing results with only a few uses of the products and before my introductory kit was finished my acne was gone!

Thanks to this amazing product I was able to enjoy the remaining time of my pregnancy. My little boy is the best thing that ever happened to me, but the introductory kit is a close second!